3 trends we will wear in 2019 Eighties in the modern version

Just a few months ago, famous fashion designers discovered new collections what we will wear in 2019 through their fashion shows.

This will definitely be the top 3 trends! 

1. Neutral shades, led by unrivaled beige, will be one of the most wanted this year. There is no fashion house that did not send a beige combination from head to toe on its runway, and this is exactly the jewelry in this color that you'll wear. This trend is partly related to the turning towards ecologically conscious fashion and the use of natural materials, which we can mostly find in earth and neutral tones.

And we represent you these from our collection

Hippie Bohemian Collar 

Stylish women know how to cleverly punctuate their outfits with bold ethnic statement necklace. Ideal for an “open-neck” look, these dramatic pieces are often chunky, beaded, and colorful in design. Whether for a formal occasion or to enhance a casual look.

Feather Flower Earrings

Remain trendy and fashionable while wearing your daily casual outfits is a hard task. Yet, add some Feather Flower Earrings and you can instantly look like a pro.

2. Tassel

Playful Tassel have big return in 2019. The classic "western" detail of this season will be metallic and colorful faces, in all possible editions. If judging by the runways, we will wear tassels with the jewelry all the time.

Tassel Earrings 

Jewelry is traditionally worn and bought so that the person that is wearing it will show its power and status.

                 Ball Tassel Earrings

The secret to wearing your Ball Tassel Earrings like a fashionista is to pay attention to the small details that could make the big changes in your look.

3. Brooch

Another trend designers found in the inspiration of the unstoppable eighties, but were brought to a higher level for the needs of a contemporary woman are brooches. And we present you all kinds of brooches from our collection.

                        Pink Hanger Brooch 

So unusual and cute, that you have to try it on and make it your own personal touch. Be a fashionista and trendsetter, try something new elegant and fresh.

                       Sunglasses Brooch 

Brooch is an ideal decorative detail that you can wear on any occasion or event. This Sunglasses Brooche - big is really remarkable. It's feminin and gentle, but shows power and strenght.

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