Be bold with the magic detail on you


In this blog learn how to wear beach jewelry and check out suggestions about the most popular of them all. Be trendy and rock your favorite fashion accessory. 


1. Sexy Bohemian Leg Chain

 This accessory is so amazing and easy to pull off. It’s very eye-catching and creative, for any type of lady, whether you are delicate or with a statement this is the right accessory for you. Boho fashion is perfect for the summer days as well as nights, especially for the beach. With this jewelry you can decorate your swimwear and look stunning and simple at the same time.



 2. Boho Stylish Body Necklace 

This body necklace is styling your swimwear. This is something that you want to wear to be noticed, to be elegant and to stand out at the beach. The best thing about Bohemian fashion is that you can never have too much jewelry. This is the ‘Must have’. Glitter with this perfect body necklace.



3. Vintage Boho Belt

A simple detail which makes you special. This belt is for all the ladies who want to decorate their swimwear and to emphasize their belly on the beach. With it, your summer dress can be more exciting and exotic.  


4. Summer Statement

Top summer accessory, charming and gentle beach detail. This accessory is appealing to everyone. Just imagine yourself on the silky white sand, with the sound of the waves, in the hot summer sun wearing this beach summer statement. Flattering and trendy detail, perfect for summer days.


5. Belly Summer Chain

Perfect feminine summertime wear. This body necklace is simple, yet with the statement. 
If you happen to love with the minimalism trend, then you will definitely enjoy this body necklace. This type of jewelry is always trendy.



6. Bohemian Bra Necklace

Bohemian bra necklace is original detail for original lady. Don’t be afraid to add this to your wish list. If you want to be different and stylish, this is the right accessory for you. With this detail any shirt becomes attractive.  



7. Water Drop Beads

This is your prerogative. This is the detail that will make statement at the beach. It’s unique and original; it’s perfect for summer days on tanned skin. It’s chic and gentle at the same time and it can open up your style.  


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