Beach is calling

There are just few things that can be compared to the feeling of hot sand on your feet and the fact that you are on the beach and that holiday has begun. If your choice for this season is one of the hot destinations like Philippine, Zanzibar or Thailand, we will offer you a couple of suggestions with which you can make your experience even hotter. We prepared foot jewelry collection that will make you feel special and unique. Walking by the sea will be even more interesting with Boho Tassel Beach Jewelry. Pictures of you as the sun sets up are even more beautiful with the shimmer of crystals of our Trendy Foot Jewelry.  


 Boho Tassel Beach Jewelry                      Trendy Foot Jewelry.

Summer Style Ankle Bracelet fits perfectly with all summer combinations; it fits with your swimsuit and with your summer dress for drinking cocktails on a paradise beach. If you are a guitar lover and love to spend summer nights by the fire camp, with the sounds of music than your choice should be Tassel Bra Body Jewelry.  We don’t doubt in your taste and in the fact that you will make the right selection that suits you best.


Summer Style Ankle Bracelet                    Tassel Bra Body Jewelry

Now it’s time to enjoy the well-deserved holiday.

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