Fit jewelry with a wedding dress

If your search for a wedding dress was fun, then the real treat is waiting for you, now it's time to choose the jewelry that will fit in with it and give the perfect blend of style and elegance.

Fit the color of jewelry with the dress

A pure white wedding lounge allows the most options so jewelry that is simpler and more classic will give a dress classic style, while larger jewelry will give it more contemporary style.

If the dress is icy white, has a blond or grayish dip, then it is best to match with pink, white jewelry or with pearls. A dress of ivory or powdery pink is best suited with yellow, pink and red jewelry. This will emphasize a creamy color palette.

Vintage Multicolored Statement

Decollate is also crucial in choosing jewelry

For a corset, choose statement necklaces that are chunky and look very decorative.

Vintage Party Choker

Trendy Punk Choker

Rhinestones Tassel Collar

Party Statement Choker

Crystal Wide Choker

In the V cutout on the neckline, look for more discreet jewelry around the neck, we recommend the following.

Luxury Tassel Choker

Tassel Statement Choker

For dresses with sleeves you can emphasis the wrists, and an attractive choice can be bracelets on one hand or even on both hands.

Fashion Finger Bracelet

Bohemian Charm Bangle

If you have an open back, consider the chain that will further highlight the back of the dress.

Pearl Summer Fashion

Rhinestone Crystal Drop

Boho Stylish Body Necklace


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