Hot and wild

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados is wild and untouched shoreline where photographers flock to catch the best waves crash into the white sand and create spectacular foam. It's not so swimming location as it is for shots to post on instagram or twitteror wherever you want to post it.

For this beach and this location you need to have great beach accessory. If you want something to complement your beach look, than you have to choose something from our Beach Collection.

Here are some ideas to wear for this dreamy photo shoot.

Discreet, sophisticated but effective. Summer Beach Jewelry 

Crystal Anklet Chain 

Hot Chain Bangle Simple and majestic, something new for your beach look, be special and noticed. 

Crystal Rhinestone Bikini Jewelry This bikini jewelry gives new dimension to your beach look.

Shining Boho Statement Eye-catching and inspiring piece.

Summer Statement  Charming and gentle beach detail, appealing to everyone.

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