Jewelry that tells the story

Brooch is just the thing to give your outfit some pop. Sophisticated, gentle and supreme. It is one detail that can change the whole combination and make it more feminine and graceful. So many different shapes, styles, and meanings. Here are some brooches that we recommend from our collection and their symbolizam, let your jewelry tells the story about you.

It is believed that dragonflies reflect change and transformations in life, specifically embracing change rather than fearing it, with the ability to handle whatever changes may occur. With spring in the air we look at dragonfly jewels more and more. Dragonflies as brooches made a comeback and are now trending. The delicate and ancient anispotera is one of the few creatures to move between water, land and air fascinating men and women for centuries and a constant source of inspiration to jewellers.

Multicolor Dragonfly Brooch

Large Vintage Dragonfly Brooch

Opal & Rhinestone Dragonfly Brooch

If you feel like a Bee Goddess or a Queen Bee, you will love this list of beautiful Rhinestone Bee Brooch. Bee symbolizes hardworking person, philosophy and wisdom. 

Bee Brooch 

Rhinestone Bee Brooch

The Butterfly is a common symbol and is often seen in Native American jewelry as an image of transformation. In deeper beliefs, the butterfly is seen as a messenger from the spirit world, a communicator in dreams, and a symbol of peace.  

Opal Butterfly Brooch 

Green Butterfly Brooch

The majestic power of the night-hunting owl was recognized by people around the world. The owl symbolizes age and its attendant wisdom. 

Purple Owl Brooch

Big Opal Owl Brooch 

Fashion Owl Brooch

Beetles have an important place in many traditions and belief systems. These insects inhabit our planet for millennia, they are associated with progress, dedication to goals, hard work and consistency.

Beertle Brooch

The phoenix or 'fire bird' is a mythical bird and is a symbol of the sun, as your personal token believes are that it will share a strong energies of hope. 

Phoenix Brooch

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