Must Have Pieces

Every girl and woman in the jewelry box has a large number of necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches. Jewelry is an important addition and you need to know when and how to wear it. You should always take into account the styles you combine, the colors and the opportunities they are intended for.

This makes the selection of jewelry quite difficult. However, there are pieces that every woman should have in her collection. We present five pieces you must have in your collection.

1. Discreet earrings

With a striking wardrobe and strong makeup, we recommend simple jewelry. Our proposal are: 

New Fashion Drop Earrings Look stunning in these, they are a perfect accessory for that cute little dress or a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. These earrings can help you achieve that professional but attractive look that you are aiming at.

Trendy Vintage Drop If you love sophisticated look, you will also love this piece of jewelry. It is a type of earring that looks lovely with various dresses.

2. Statement earrings 

When it seems to you that your appearance is not striking enough and attractive, to enhance the effect wear a piece such as this one: 

Luxury Zircon Earrings Long chain earrings clearly make a statement. So why not make a statement in style. Get these Luxury Zircon Earrings and stand out from the croud.

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3. Statement necklace 

A necklace like this can bring out the whole combination when you run out of fashion ideas: 

Hippie Vintage Choker  Match your simple white shirt and jeans outfit with this Bohemian style necklace and make a fashion statement wherever you go. Show off your fashion sense by choosing unique and bold jewelry pieces like this one.

Hippie Bohemian Collar  Boldly stand out in any crowd with eye-catching pieces like the ones pictured below. Ethnic jewelry allows us to stay on-trend, while also honoring the work of artisans from remote countries around the world.

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4. Simple necklace

Which provides simple design with unlimited options for combining.

Shining Boho Statement  With a simple tube top or bikini this Shining Boho Statement will look fantastic on you.

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5. Statement bracelet

Nothing will make hand more handsome and more attractive than a piece like this:

Wrap Arm Cuff  A detail that makes all the difference. This new way to wear bracelets will be seen a lot in the next season it should be in every fashion diva’s jewelry box. Arm cuffs are definetely your go to accessories this season, this is really must have this season.

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This is our choice. And yours? 

Enjoy exploration!

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