Perfect necklace with a perfect neckline

Even the most impressive necklace can go unnoticed if you do not combine it with the appropriate shirt, and therefore the choice of cleavage is crucial. The general rule is that the necklace should follow the cleavage line. If you wear jewelry over clothes and want to highlight it, have in mind that most necklaces will show and make the best influence on the black fabric, so it's best to stick with the classics.

The flat cuts or the turtleneck cuts can be challenging.  But actually with them, you can freely wear the longest necklaces, such as pearl or chains arriving at the bottom of your chest. You can wear Multi Layers Statement as well as Sexy Fashion Collar

 Multi Layers Statement 

 Sexy Fashion Collar 

Shallow round neck is the most common case, but possibly the most problematic. Try to select a shorter necklace that follows the neckline, but make sure it does not fall into the blouse. These necklaces can be the right choice for you Vintage Muliticolored Statement, Party Pendant Choker, Luxury Collar Choker or Luxury Tassel Choker.


Vintage Muliticolored Statement 

Party Pendant Choker

Luxury Collar Choker

Luxury Tassel Choker

If you want to emphasize the exquisite cleavage, wear a long necklace with a deep V-neckline, probably it would be best to be in the shape of a letter V. We have large collection of necklaces that are great for this cleavage, such as Pink Statement, Pop Color Necklace, Luxury Woven Necklace or Black Fashionable Necklace. And many more that you can look for in our Party Collection.

Pink Statement

Pop Color Necklace

Luxury Woven Necklace 

Black Fashionable Necklace

The deep square cleavage leaves you a lot of choice, so fell free to select a large and effective Statement necklace. Such as Statement Long Torques Collar, Pendant Statement Summer Chain or Colorful Flower Necklace

 Statement Long Torques Collar

Pendant Statement Summer Chain

Colorful Flower Necklace

On the other hand you can also choose a shirt buckled to the throat, here choose a necklace that goes right under the collar, but make sure the collar does not cover. And here are our suggestions for this combination. Autumn Flower Boho Necklace in Pink and Blue.


 Necklaces are there to complement your natural beauty - wear more discreet jewelry to emphasize femininity and sensuality, on the other hand striking jewelry and statement necklaces wear to show the attitude and uniqueness.

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