Prom Night

Prom night is one of the most special evenings in every girl's life.

It is an evening when a you slowly enter the adult world. It's the last night that friends from school gather to celebrate one big chapter in life. Therefore, this special evening is worth preparing as best as possible! 

Once the entire styling is ready, the next important item to select is jewelry. This is a selection of suitable jewelry that will enhance already perfect dress. 

How to choose the ideal jewelry for a prom night?
Jewelry is really small, but it's a striking add-on that makes it possible to transform every style. With carefully selected jewelry you can perfect the style to an even higher level. 

Selecting jewelry according to a prom dress.
If the dress is open then the right choice to complete the overall look is statement jewelry. 
If you are a support earring, choose larger earrings like these earring from our collection Cristal Long Water Drop

Hot Metal Earrings

On the other hand, if it is a closed-type dress, the best thing for you is to wear bracelet that will highlight your dress.

Angel Wings Cuff

Plated Bracelet

The choice of jewelry dictates and cleavage. If the cleavage is smaller, choose the thinner and longer necklaces, and if it's bigger than choose a statement necklace that will complement your dress. 

Geometry Statement Necklace

Colorful Srystal Statement

Boho Crystal Collar

And for those that are really ready to show their true Prom style, wear some of our romantic tiaras and crowns. More on Crown Collection and Tiara Collection

Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Diadem

Butterfly Tiara

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