The most desirable accessory

Did you know that the first hats that resemble hats nowadays came from Milan by the end of the 16th century? In the past they marked the social status and later in the fashion world became the hallmark of the style. There is something special and sophisticated in a woman who knows how to wear a hat in her everyday dress combinations.

 When choosing a hat, it should be taken into account that it adheres to your color of the face and the shape of the face, in that way you restore the focus on your face and highlight it in the best possible way.

If you have a hearty face shape, we recommend it England Style or Perl Fedora Hat.

 England Style

 For a face in the shape of a diamond, the right choice is Flower Pearls Hat as well as Spring Vintage Hat or any hat with bigger circumference.

Flower Pearls Hat

Spring Vintage Hat

Our rich collection offers many opportunities, enjoy the choice of your perfect piece, be slightly mysterious, but also protected from cold weather.

Pink Panama Hat

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