The place to be

The only place where you can see handsome men and women with ingenious costumes that are seducing you with the sound of samba is Rio de Janeiro. And yes, we are thinking about, the one and only - Carnival in Rio.

This year Carnival will be held from the 9th until the 13th of February, and large number of people will be on the streets of this colorful city. The participants, beside the fact that they have to exercise their dancing performances, they have very important task - to prepare costumes. The professionals seek the right costume all year long and they think how to outdo themselves and to be distinguished in the crowd. For those who seek something interesting and unique we have some ideas. Tassels Bra Body Jewelry, Statement Body Jewelry, Luxury Woven Necklace, Bohemian Bra Necklace, Tassel Anklet Foot Jewelry or BohoTassel Beach Jewelry..

The choice is yours to make.  


    Tassels Bra Body Jewelry                           Tassel Anklet Foot Jewelry           


BohoTassel Beach Jewelry                          Bohemian Bra Necklace


   Luxury Woven Necklace                            Statement Body Jewelry


Though, effective by themselves, they can be combined in lot of different ways.

Free your imagination, and make Rio even hotter this year.

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