The short History of Choker Necklaces

People have been wearing jewelry from ancient times to protect themselves from spiritual forces, protecting fragile parts of the body (neck, wrists, head, chest) and protecting them in the afterlife. The same was true for the chakers who are present in human civilization almost from its origin.
The oldest choker was found in the tomb of Queen Mesopotamia Puabi in the city of Ur about 2600 BC.

Crystal Sunflower Choker

In ancient Egypt, jewelry was worn to bring people closer to the gods and to be their favorit. Because of this, they wore short and narrow necklaces or colored collars that represented the color of the skin of their supreme god Sun. Similar to Celtic's thoughts in the Bronze Age. They were showing their gods with narrow, large gold necklaces. To get closer to them, but also to protect their necks, the Celts wore these heavy and very uncomfortable necklaces.

Choker Boho Necklace

Big Vintage Bohemian Collar

The North American settlers decorated themselves with chokers made of bird bones, believing that their spirits would protect them from various diseases, but also to secure their neck.
In Africa, Zulu and Masai, chokers have been used for years as a sign of belonging to a particular family, wealth indicators, marital status, depending on the color and size of the necklace.

Vintage Tribal Green Necklace  

Bohemia Multicolor Ethnic Collar 
In the Middle Ages, wealthy women decorated themselves with chokers with a pendant on which Saint Sebastian is shown, believing that they are so protected from the plague. Later, however, the chokers had a less protective, and increasingly aesthetic role, among the nobles and ruling families.

England Queen Alexander of Denmark, wife of Edward the VII, adored chokers. According to the rumors, she wore them to cover the scar on her neck that she got during her childhood. England saw a great fashion inspiration in it, and the population began to wear massively.

Wide Pearl Choker


Vintage Party Choker

Chokers today

Today we have them in all shapes, colors, leather, metal, silver, those who imitate England in the 19th century and those who imitate the plastic tattoo choker we carried in the '90s.

Sexy Short Choker

Party Rhinestone Charm Choker

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